Social Responsibility

ChiBrrCon is proud to support organizations that seek to promote diversity, ensure equitable access to economic opportunity, education, and justice, and who strive to develop our next generation of security and technology leaders.

This year we’re spotlighting two organizations whose mission and vision align perfectly with that of ChiBrrCon.



YearUp Mission: 

Year Up’s mission is to close the Opportunity Divide by ensuring that young adults gain the skills, experiences, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through careers and higher education.  Year Up is committed to ensuring equitable access to economic opportunity, education, and justice for all young adults—no matter their background, income, or zip code. In addition to driving impact through direct service and strategic partnerships with employers, talent providers, and policymakers, Year Up is committed to addressing the root causes of the Opportunity Divide in this country and creating pathways to opportunity at broad scale. Helping to power the opportunity movement and make this work possible.   For more information log onto


WiCyS Mission:

Our Mission is to help build a strong gender-diverse cybersecurity workforce by facilitating recruitment, retention and advancement for women in the field.

At WiCyS, a global community of women, allies and advocates, we are dedicated to bringing talented women together to celebrate and foster their passion and drive for cybersecurity. We unite local communities of aspiring and thriving women cybersecurity professionals across the world to collaborate, share their knowledge, network and mentor. We create opportunities through professional development programs, conferences, career fairs, and more.  For more information go to